Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ask and you shall receive

no, i haven't heard back from stanford and i didn't miraculously loose a bunch of weight.

i posted the last blog in almost desperation, praying earnestly that the Lord would make my desires stronger for Him and that I would have a renewed, wholehearted passion for Him alone.

i'm beginning to see a renewed focus in my wholehearted pursuit of God. this has come through fervent and desperate prayer, and through the reading of the "biography" of amy carmichael, a woman singling devoted to the cause of Christ. 

there is A LOT i can say about this book, but more than anything, i urge you to read it. be challenged by her love for Christ and by her desire to forsake all in order that Christ would be known.

once i finished the book, (maybe after friday when i work for eleven and a half hours), i will write more. until then, praise God, once again, for His faithfulness!

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