Tuesday, July 27, 2010

job update

today i found out that i did not advance in the stanford interview process. i won't lie, i was crushed. still kinda am. i think know that i let my hopes get too high. now, just because i didn't get this position doesn't mean i can't work there in the future. it just means not now.

today, i also found out that my co-workers were willing to work for me on friday (and sunday)! what makes friday so special, you might ask. welp, i was invited to attend an intro "meeting" at the va, the job i was offered, and took about two and a half weeks ago. i wasn't able to go because of multiple work commitments.

but God provided again! i am able to go and meet the other new grads i will be working and learning with. moreover, i'll be working for someone who really wants me on their team. these words of affirmation i got via voicemail mean more than i can say!

i am overwhelmed. God has answered prayers in SO many ways. for example, i asked that i would know about stanford before the va job started-check. i asked that if stanford wasn't His will, that i would be ok with that-check. i asked for clarity in knowing which position would be best-check. (now, this isn't just because i didn't get the stanford job. over and over today especially, i've been affirmed that this is the place.)

God, You blow my mind! i am in awe of You, the sovereign God with perfect timing. thank You for taking me through the past two weeks. thank You for refining me and teaching me to rejoice in You despite my circumstances. thank You for Your abundant, beautiful grace!

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Anonymous said...

i love you. check. you are going to be the BEST rn that va has EVER seen btw. ttyl. asap.