Monday, July 5, 2010

encouragement and challenges


i need people to tell me things. as stated previously, words of affirmation is my love language. when someone pours words of encouragement, "well done's," or even challenges, i feel loved.

this weekend was full of love.

  • on saturday, i was able to spend some time at the beach in hmb. i was reminded of God's wonderful majesty as i starred at the crashing waves and my feet sank into the sand. i was reminded that this unique creator loves me with a deeper love that i can understand, but that i want to rest in this love more than i can express. i was reminded of the need to build all hope on Christ, so i can be like the wise man, not the foolish man.
  • church on sunday was spent at realitysf. i had sweet time with friends on the car ride there and back. the worship, (while considered "gospel light" to some degree), was a much needed to response to the mighty love of the Savior.
  • i headed down to santa cruz/monterey areas to spend the rest of the 4th with some of my new, closest friends. after 2.5 hours to santa cruz, another hour-ish to marina, bomb dinner, beach night, and pie, my friends and i had a deep discussion. we talked about our time overseas. i was affirmed that my actions, while not always perfect, were that of sacrifice and service; that it was evident that my heart's desire was to serve God while in the places we were. after a hard week of mulling over all that had happened once again, and doubting so many of my actions, the affirmation was eagerly received and much needed. but i was also challenged to live in that spirit all the time.

  • this morning, a friend said she had read my blogs. she affirmed many things in my life, but also challenged the socks off me. i have been wrestling with what it is to live at home in this season of life, (a 24-year-old rn, bsn, whose lived away from home for six years, and is now living under her parents' "roof" again). i often say that God has me in certain places for a reason, but this usually has to do with being single or having a certain job. but what about ministering to my family? how does my life as a follower of Christ truly impact them? with this, i was challenged. and i am more grateful than words can express!

i've said it before, and i'll say it again-i'm excited for what God is doing at this point in my life. and He's working so mightily in the lives of my friends. i have lots-really, i mean lots-to learn! but i am thrilled!!! God has never failed and He never will. i just can't wait to see what that looks like in my life and the lives of my friends!!

until next time

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