Thursday, July 15, 2010

crazy love-part 4

after a very emotional, and even tearful final chapter, i finished crazy love. despite the heavy and fairly constant conviction, i still read 80 pages yesterday; i just couldn't stop!

the book made these final impressions on me:

  • obsessed. what am i obsessed with? after reading one of the latter chapters, my obsessions rarely lye with Christ. instead, they rest on me.
  • when i interact with people i "can't stand" or i get easily frustrated with, do i love them like i love myself? do i treat them as if i was interacting with Christ himself?
  • my life is lived in comfort. as much as i try to deny various comforts in my life, i still live in more comfort than the vast majority of the world, and even so many in the u.s.. 
  • am i willing to live radically in loving others even if there is no earthly reward? am i truly ready to serve "simply" because God is worthy, because He loves me, and because He has commanded me to love?

i pray that my will and my love will be radically transformed by what God has allowed me to read in the pages of crazy love. i pray that i will love more wholly and more fully. i pray that my actions will be a reflection of Christ, a true mirror of the Savor.

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