Thursday, March 6, 2008


God is good. this seems like such an understatement. i know that God's goodness has nothing to do with my circumstances, but i think i have finally and again begun to realize that.

today it seemed like the entire campus was in bloom. all of the daffodils by the cottages are in blossoming, not to mention those nasty orange plants by the yeagar building. is it me, or did they all of a sudden just look like an amazing reflection of God's glorious creation? (ok, they also do, but more so when they are in bloom.) conversations were also in bloom today. how great it was to see and hear people processing and actually concerned with the things of God, even if these "things" mean birth control and Biblical submission? i hope this isn't just a momentary thing among the lancer nation, but i hope that God continually convicts us to love His decrees and commands and to seek out what those are, and even more, to talk about them in godly discussion. so uh, yeah. the day just seemed brighter and more glorious. i dunno.

i failed a test for the first time since high school. i guess it's okay since most of the class did. maybe this corporate failure explains the elementary treatment by our professor as of late. oh well.


raychill said...

lancer nation eh?

i stil dont know how i feel about chapel today.

Holly Strand said...

oh how great it truly is, to see others around us truly seeking what the Lord will is, and trying to understand what He demands of us. Let us pray that we continue to be a campus seeking His will!

And I love the reference to "lancer nation"...very clever.

lo said...

well 2 things...its crazy to see what one speaker can do to a college campus...but like you said is it only for today or even a week...or will our campus be changed by what he spoke about...and will we search scriptures to truly understand what God is saying...or will we only allow ourselves to be spoonfed by the dynamic chapel speaker of the week.
Thing 2 - don't worry about failing! whenever i end up sucking at something i just have to place it into the LARGE scope of life what is the importance...just learn and move on right!?