Monday, March 24, 2008

the Gospel

the gospel of Christ is something that i thought i had mastered since i had been a christian for what i thought to be 15 years. but as God continues to reveal Himself to me, i learn how ignorant and silly i am. the gospel is not a cherry on the top of my happy ice cream sundae of a life. for from it; the reality of the Gospel should whip away my ice cream sundae and its dish altogether, replacing it with a new dish and new ice cream. Christ is everything; to make Him anything less is heresy.

at church on sunday, my pastor started preaching the gospel beginning with sin. i thought, okay, i guess it doesn't matter where you start, as long as he gets to the point of God, right? (i've been trying not to be as cynical and proud during sermons...) oh, but so sadly did that sermon digress from the true gospel and by the end, i did not know what Jesus he was talking about. the prosperity gospel was being preached and my heart was so angry! how dare he! how dare he continue in the lie of the prosperity gospel on the sunday when he has the opportunity to tell so many who never hear the truth about this glorious Gospel! how dare the power be taken out of the work of Jesus!

now my heart just aches. will those people ever hear the truth? will they ever know that Jesus is more than just an additive to their lives? will they ever know that Jesus is greater than their cars and their million dollar homes? oh will we as a church learn that God and His truth must be preached, for His truth is more important than numbers made up of "christians?"

forgive me. i know that my pastor has more wisdom than i do and my pride still gets in the way, but i still struggle with sunday. i know people will know God and the redemptive power of Christ through whatever means God ordains, (phil 1:15-18). it seems so hard that we as a church could sit on our butts and let this false truth continue, especially in regards to our Lord.

thoughts from the peanut gallery?

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