Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break: day 1

the last twenty four hours or so have been pretty amazing.

on the plane i had an entire three-seater to myself. i either sent off a vibe that i wanted to be by myself or the pants i had worn for the pants seven days straight really did smell. i took a little cat nap, read a bit, and ease-dropped on some conversations. it was a good hour. i got off the plane and my bags were basically the first two off the carousel-it pays to get there early :)

it was great to see my mom and we had a nice chat on the way to san mateo. we talked about nursing and family and cars, (i mean, they are all around when you are driving). at home, i tried to unpacked, but just helped her with dinner, (fish, artichokes, and potatoes-YUM!). after ellen came home from her real life grown up job, we ate and then went out on the town. okay, we went to blockbloster, (which is the steiger version of "on the town"). we rented august rush and sydney white, (yes, cottage 16, AMAZING!!!). i purchased corpse bride and HAIRSPRAY! amazing, once again. we then headed to, where else, yummy yogurt. (just a side note: those of you who think golden spoon even compares, let's be honest with ourselves. they sell/rent movies in the same building; how can they be devoted to the beauty of frozen yogurt??? just a question).
it was a good night.

the next day, i took ellen to work so i could use her car. i got back, mom and i chatted over coffee, had some grub, and then she headed out to hang with friends. i went out to buy stuff for amanda and ran across an old friend. (it wasn't an awkward high school friend, but a mom of a friend from high school). so i called up my friend and we chatted for about an hour and i stumbled across a new starbucks (up, we have about ten within two miles of my house-no lie).

i got some chai and, after our chat, headed to the church. i talked with my old youth pastor-now music pastor. again, good times. i made my way to the parking lot and was hollered at from the youth offices-to the cad house i go! another great conversation with the guys about the Lord! honestly, this is why i love coming home. there is no pressure to finish homework just yet and i can have conversations about God and His business with people without apologies. PTL!

i am so excited for the rest of this week. things with my dad have already been kinda shaky, but i pray that God would be my strength in resisting pride. also, i pray that God would serious shatter my dad's heart for God's mighty, saving work through Jesus Christ.

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