Saturday, March 22, 2008

how excited am i for the future!

my family and i, we sure watch a lot of tv. in fact, when i was in the second grade i had to draw me and my family doing something that represented us. i drew us watching star trek, (yes, i am a treky at heart, but that's another blog...)

so tonight we were watching Rick Steve's travel show and i don't know if he is just a norcal thing, but he's amazing. it made me want to pick up and go overseas, not that it hasn't already been plegging my heart. the show ended and we found bringing down the house, (so funny), and a commercial came on. it's below and it makes me SO excited for india and the future. man, if i can just stay focused now. oh, to serve God in that place, spreading His name, His fame, while helping people's physical needs. oh what else could be more glorious!??!

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