Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i had mixed feelings about chapel today. for the first time in a long time i felt comfortable sitting and praying instead of feeling obligated to stand and worship. i really felt like it was a great time of worship and remembrance of our Lord and His mighty work on the cross. however, i was so upset that the passion movie started playing and we all just kept going with our normalcy. seriously, have we become that lax about the death of Christ? can we not even take ten minutes out of our lives to remember and reflect on His death instead of chat with our friends who we will most likely see later? i know,"God is always there," but how dare we forget and neglect the One who gave and sacrificed all that we might be reconciled to Him!

oh, God, may we recognized our depravity and need for repentance. may we desire your presence more than air. forgive me for my anger and help me know what to do with these feelings. You are too good.

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Holly Strand said...

I totally agree!!! I thought it was the craziest thing! Thanks for posting a blog about it.
May we NEVER become numb to the cross but that we would grow in our love and desperate need for it more and more!