Monday, June 7, 2010

crazy love-part 2

 as i mentioned in an earlier blog, i'm ready crazy love by francis chan.  it's a weighty book, but God is using it to  convict me of my all too often selfish, lukewarm attitude. i want to change and am praying earnestly that the Lord will change my heart, thus allowing me to choose more God-glorifying and God-loving actions and attitudes.

francis (we are now on a first-name basis...) talks about how God has commanded us to rejoice in Him and to love Him above everything else. intellectually, i get that; practically, i struggle.

today will be a good day to rely on the Lord and rejoice in Him since it's my first full day back at the pool after a summer's break. i'm nervous and freaked out, but am looking forward to how God will reveal Himself through my weakness and obedience.

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