Thursday, June 3, 2010

reasons to live overseas

i got to thinkin, "gee, people think i'm crazy for wanting to live overseas. but-cha-know, i think they are crazy!"

so, to prove my point, i will be making an ongoing list of benefits to living overseas. here are some to get it started:

    1) you walk everywhere. my butt will sure look good...

    2) the rules of the road are, honk so people know you are there, and keep driving!

   3) fellowship is cherished.
4) there is a plethora of free tea served daily.

    5) friendships start because you are a foreigner. it's like insta-friends everywhere!

6) in order to help the economy and be a witness, you get to have a house-helper. ie-no vacuuming for me!

     7) there is always something new to experience!

8) public transportation is the norm....and it's an adventure trying to figure it out.

    9) matching is typically a relative term.

   10) being "late" is normal. good conversations don't have to end just to get to a new one.

this is what i've got for now. it will be an ongoing list that y'all are welcome to add to!

until next time

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