Thursday, June 17, 2010

three weeks

it's been three long weeks since i've been back in the states. it's crazy to think that i spent about that same amount of time in south asia. i wasn't going to blog about the three week post-experience, but some things made me think of the gloriousness of what i left.

  • i got a tear-away calendar from some good friends for my birthday in january. while i received some awesome gifts, this was my fav because not only do i adore calendars, but this one was published by "1,000 places to see before you die." yea, i know, it's amazing. today the place to see reminded me of the majesty of God, His abounding grace, and my increasing desire to serve Him there.

  •  i've been sick basically since i've been back from overseas. today, my mom talked to my doctor at work and she agreed to see me. i got some antibiotics, but she recommended i use the neti pot three times daily until my sinuses are cleared out. so i've been a skeptic of these things for some years now, but when the doc told me top pulmonalogists are for it, what could i do but try it. when i went to purchase it, i got one from a place that i want to go. my heart broke as i read the information on the box with underlying info about oneness with the universe. no hope. no hope.

  • overseas, i became real close with three people. we called ourselves the ptc. our conversations and their godly attitudes challenged me to focus on Christ during one of the hardest times i have spent on the field. they would bring me back to Lord even in little things, spurring me on to live in light of the love of the Father. their stories challenged me to live with more love and adventure. last night/early this morning, i got a phone call from the other female in the ptc, kara. i was surprised to hear two male voices on the line as well. PTL for conference calls! i have been overwhelmed being back in the states and i've found myself getting caught up in the business and muchness that is too often life. talking with them and remembering all that they said and what we experienced together reminded me of the beauty in simplicity when following Christ. thank you kara, jordan, and nick. your friendships mean more than i can express!

 i am eager to go back. if the Lord told me to go, i would without hesitation. but i know i am to be here for a season. (although, sometimes it seems like that season is as long as summer in riverside.) each day, i have to keep myself from thinking too much about going overseas and focus on what work the Lord has for me here. but each day i am more consumed with the need to cultivate a plentiful harvest, and ultimately, to serve the Master of the field.

Lord, help me to love You more. grant me deep grace to be satisfied with now and to let go of the future. allow me to seek you wholeheartedly in all circumstances that You alone receive the glory.

until next time

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