Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's 6:27 am

and i've been at work for an hour. it's almost like having a real job. but not all at the same time.

while i wait for patrons to roll in and as i sip my venti drip coffee to somehow ease my swollen and almost beefy-red throat, i thought i would blog. here are some thoughts:

  • i've said it before, but the creator of starbucks is a genious! way to charge $4 for espresso, milk, and some flavoring. did you make a $3 profit?
  • i hate church bulltins. or is it the programs that i mean? you know, those folded pieces of  paper you get when you go to oh so many churches in the u.s. a lot of them are even in color now. does the body of Christ really need to be spending money on something that everyone is going to through away?
  • i love facebook chat. i'm able to have at least a pretend convo with friends i can't see in person and that it would be kinda awk to have a phone conversation with (mostly because i'm awkward and hate talking on the phone). it makes me sad facebook chat is a no-can-do at work.
  • i feel stupid when i make a simple mistake. yesterday at work, my drawer was $3 short. how does that happen?! i didn't take it, and we deal with five dollar increments (like lap swim-$5.50, caps-$5). i think it was a needed blow to my pride.
  • God's faithfulness is incomparable. to the world, there would be lots of cause for stress in my life. i'll admit, i let it get the better of me at times (like when i think too much about boards), but God proves Himself faithful again and again and again and again....well, you get the idea. i was getting nervous about not getting a job and with my mom out of work for a month (and potentially longer) i've been feeling like a free-loafer. but God is faithful and is allowing me to have a job interview! why did i doubt, even for a moment?
  • i've been sick for about 2 weeks now. it's viral, so no drugas for me. i thought i was getting better, but nope. i guess some of my teammates have been sick for longer (like, while we were on the field and still since we've been back). well done, immune system.
  • i haven't exercised for three days in a row now. and i feel it. ugh, i feel gross. i wanted to work early mornings cause i thought i'd be able to workout while i guarded. turns out, i'm doing office most of the time. i'll have to find another time to workout cause this lazy-bumb thing ain't workin
  • i made thank-you notes for my trip. i enjoyed looking through the photos and remembering fun and funny things. it was hard to some up what happened in a few lines, but i pray God is glorified through those lines!
  • i miss riverside. i know, i know. it's my choice to be in the bay. i think wat i really miss are the close friendships i have there. i know, i've got amazing friends here, too, but i feel i left just as things were getting started. i was just making some awesome connections with some awesome people in my church family in riverside, and it seems like the Lord is moving through that body in a very unique and exciting way. one of my besties (and beasties) just got engaged and i'm not there to celebrate with her. my friends are becoming rn's and i can't celebrate with them. my friends are coming and going from serving the Lord overseas and i can't hear their stories. but God is faithful. i am here for this season and for a purpose. maybe i'm to grow in intentionality. maybe i am to refine and grow the friendships i have here. maybe i'm to learn something besides celebration.
these are the thoughts for now. completely random, but what else do you expect from a crazy, white woman?

until next time

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