Saturday, June 5, 2010

learning to love

God's love is amazing!

and i rarely understand it.

at church in riverside quite a few months ago, the pastor challenged us to live out God's command of "love your enemy". he said when you encounter someone that cuts you off or a bad relationship at work, love that person instead of cursing them. 

wow, i suck at this. i want things my way and for my good. i don't consciously make an effort to love people who don't love me back. 

but i've been commanded to.

moreover, i should want to.

so i prayed. i prayed that God would teach me more how to love. that He would teach me more about His love. that i would fall in love with Him again.

welp, ask and you will receive. i've been challenge to love in a new way. overseas, i had to love people i didn't want to love. i didn't do it well, but when i asked God to help me love, He did. through my weakness, He was proved strong. at home, i have to love my dad even though it's one of the hardest things i've been called to do. but i'm learning.

most of my close friends have read through crazy love. francis chan loves God and it is evident in his life. but why?

i just watched this video.

watch it!

so i'm on this journey to love more. and i just failed again in loving people. is it because i'm task driving? is it because i'm too self-absorbed? is it because i just don't care?

change my heart, God. help me to love the people you have created and that you love dearly. most of all, help me to love you and seek you deeply.

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