Tuesday, October 28, 2008

life is beautiful

did i steal that title? man, thievery seems to be my new gifting; i should work on that. in other news... today was my first day of clinical in OB. what does this mean? BABIES! LOTS O' BABIES!!! my anxiety level was quite high this morning as i headed to kaiser at 0615. i walked away from a three hour pre-conference with a cool badge thinking that this would be the only positive to the day. then, i found out i was assigned to the neaotanal intensive care unit. cindy translation=sick and super fragile babies, LOTS of them!! any anxiety level that may have been diminshed because of the hip new badge had just risen-times two.

i came back from lunch and my nurse beckoned for me to come with her. i scurried towards her, put on foot coverings, (similar to those worn at the taj ;)), and a head covering, (not so similar to those worn in indian ;)), and went down to the OR. I GOT TO SEE A C-SECTION! so crazy!! a baby was born and i got to see it!!! weird, please believe. i mean, i know people always say that it's beautiful, but i just thought they were lyers. today, confirmed something quite different. birth is quite amazing, something that can only be created by an amazing God and that i live in a world of denial.


there's nothing else to write, so i'll just leave you with a visual.

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Steph.URen said...

oh Cynthia... I feel for you. I'm not sure I could do it... I'm not even sure I want to be in the position opposite of you (giving birth), but - HANG IN THERE!