Sunday, October 12, 2008

post 100

this is slightly unworthy to be my 100th blog post.

it's 12:04 am. my roommate is asleep and i just finished a homework assignment. i hard a rustle outside, but assumed it to be nothing. then, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! i literally jumped on the couch. i didn't move. all i could think about was the man(s) that we got the email about via lancermail-you know. the creepers that have been around campus as of late. the noise continued outside my door for a few moments and then steps slowly faded.

now that i am more relaxed, i feel like i might pee my pants and i REALLY don't want to get up to lock the door and turn out the lights. i am SUCH a wimp!

1 comment:

deanna said...

I can't believe you've had 100 blogs and you've only been on this thing since January! I've been on since April 2007 and am only on number 6-1! You rock!