Saturday, October 4, 2008

oh, the exciting life that i lead!

the last two weekends have been truly incredible! please let me set the stage. my roommate and i are both required to be hard-core studiers due to the nature of our majors. she is taking three labs and working her butt off to get into the nursing program and i am in the nursing program wondering why in the world i committed my life to such a crazy thing! last friday, my roommate cleaned the bathroom as i caught up on the presidential debate that i had missed. she proceeded to get a life and watch a movie with a friend, but after the re-run of the debate, i studied. saturday night was much of the latter for both of us.

this weekend we had three tests between the two of us behind us and it was glorious!! friday night, we decided to celebrate!!! we went to our friends house off campus, she made us dinner, and we watched ellen degeneres's stand up comedy sketch. i mean, the truth in that hour of humor is parrelled by a few. after that, i almost fell asleep on the floor since i had only gotten about ten hours of sleep over the past 48 hours, (okay, more than some, but not enough in the relative world of sleep). our friend brought out the jell-o, (you know, the good kind with the maderine oranges in it), and we proceeded to finish the bowl right there on the living room floor. an hour and a power nap later, my roommate and i headed home for a good nights sleep.

tonight, after an amazing winco run, i started to study for the next stream of tests. for a break, i cleaned our apartment. now our apartment smells like scrubbing bubbles and 409.

i know you are so glad that you have had this glimpse into my ever so exciting life.

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