Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my hometown...well, almost.

my hometown made the bbc news!!! well, almost. i guess there's been lost of talked about the hayward fault line. here's the. it's kinda creepy actually. there's a picture showing all of the different faults in the bay area and there are a lot. but anyway, hayward and san mateo, (my town), share a bridge. during thanksgiving break, i will be crossing that bridge to go visit the hayward city hall to see that stinkin' cool fault line that was featured in the bbc article.

in other almost-hometown news, there was another bomb blast in india. this time it was imphal (in the north-east). not too much info on the attacks yet. thirteen are dead. they say this so causually in the news. i don't think they realize the gravity of the deaths. thriteen will see the full weight of the glory of God carried out in His wrath-->dead.

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