Tuesday, October 14, 2008

me and my roommate

my roommate is pretty much amazing. she celebrated her birthday this weekend, so i decided i should blog about our good times together. we have great conversations. here's a sampling:

  • -i don't understand the logic at this school? expansion of the bookstore and new grass when we need to expand the caf and have more parking. what's the deal?

  • -so gay marriage is allowed in some areas of our state, but i don't get it. what do they say at the end? "i now pronounce you wife and wife?" i dunno.

  • -she apologizes for using my massive textbook to kill a spider while i explain i would have done the same things. then i do the same thing a few weeks later.

  • -"what the heck are thunder beads!?" (please don't ask...)

  • -you know the "what other skills can you contribute to your team?" question on isp application? we should totally put french braiding!

yep. good times.

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jeremy phillips said...

I actually read a couple weeks ago that when gays get married they can insert whatever they like into the blank.
They can say one is the husband and the other the wife, and so on.