Friday, October 10, 2008

thanks mr. piper

well, the desiring God blog is finally up and running again and i have been thoroughly enjoying them. today, (well, i read it today), there was a post about biblical womanhood. i was skeptical as always. was someone else going to tell me to wear a skirt and be content to do nothing but make babies? nope. not his point at all. the "article" can be found here.

i'm somewhat nervous about writing the following-just to honest. but uh, here it goes. i hate being singe most days, especially as a woman seeking after God. it seems as if i'm not "righteous enough" or "good enough" to be in a relationship. but how wonderful it was to be reminded that being single has it purpose and that purpose is NOT necessarily to prepare me for a relationship with "the man of my dreams." i pray that i can learn to be content with this. i pray that i can learn to be content with God-maybe even, be passionately obsessed with God so that He would somehow be revealed through me.

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