Monday, October 6, 2008

my new favorite snack

i like to eat. i know, it's hard to tell, but i like food. i've been trying to cut back on the sweets for medical purposes, but have been craving sweets nonetheless. as i walked through my small, rose garden kitchen, i pondered what kind of sweet study snack i could indulge on. and then it hit me!!

peanut butter and graham crackers! it's sounds kinda funny at first, but as soon as the carbohydrate laced with protein hit my mouth, i was hooked! the best part about this savory snack is that i got my ingredients at winco. oh yes, cheep and delectable is how i roll!


deanna said...

It is simply amazing! No one better knock it at all! And even better that you got it at Winco! Now that's a winner store right there!

Diane said...

That is one of my favorite snacks too!

Holly Strand said...

oh you are so funny:) you make me laugh! LOVE pb and graham crackers!