Friday, September 12, 2008


so it's fun and i really like it-most days.

i created this group because my phone broke, (or i broke my phone? anyway). the point is, i basically had two numbers in my phone, my roommates and my sister's. so i created this facebook group to get phone numbers from people because i wanted phone numbers from people, (logical? i think so). sure, i would ask people when i saw them or i would raid people's phones to get numbers, but for reals, i have heavily relied on this group to accumulate numbers again.

but here's the thing: people haven't been giving me their numbers! there are over fifty members of the group and only ten to fifteen people gave me their numbers. okay, so maybe i'm just being selfish, but i just don't seem to understand the logic. you join a group in which the entire purpose is to give the administrator your number, but then ya don't. really?

well, there's my pointless blog.

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