Thursday, September 4, 2008

facing the facts

some one told me the other night that i was a conservative christian. i was really taken aback. i knew that i believed in a fairly strict "interpretation" of the Bible, but i defiantly believe in "social justice" as a must of the church, leaving me at the least as a moderate. as i talked it over with friends, we reached the conclusion that i am a conservative christian, but not a close minded, legalistic christian who sits on wood pews and refuses to sing anything but hymns. so i hope that i am learning to embrace this truth of myself. yes, i believe that the Word of God is absolute truth and that Jesus Christ is the only way in which we can find righteousness and be saved from the wrath of God. but i also believe that we must do something with this awesome blessing of the gospel message-preach it!

i just got John Stott's Bible through the Year in the mail! so excited!! if any one wants to get it and discuss it with me, (even though it is a "personal devotional"), i would love it. i start it on sunday, so get it quick!

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