Sunday, September 21, 2008

learning to cry

so i hate crying. no really. i will do almost ANYTHING to avoid the every-impending need to cry. when a sad move is on, i'll go do the dishes or go to the bathroom. i'll even start cleaning my room, (i know).

well, since i came back from indian, all i've wanted to do is cry. i feel so pre-menstrual or teenie-bopper, but really, certain things have just made me want to cry so much. (not going to list them because then you might make me cry one day).

the point is i'm trying to embrace this new-found emotional surge. maybe God is teaching me to be vunerable or maybe i just read into things too much. anyway, this is truly a major break through in my life. four years ago, i think i cried, eh, three times the whole year. now i seem to be crying three times a week. i truly pray that it is the working of the Holy Spirit in my life and that He is breaking me to be a person who is in love with Him and broken over the lost.

oh and uh, check this out. thanks maxsons.

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