Saturday, September 13, 2008

russia? x2

this has nothing to do with russia politically. i'm just confused. i remember being taught in school that russia was part of the continent of asia, but someone told me a bit ago that it was part of europe. to resolve this problem, i googled it. image results for "map of asia" showed the following:


image results for "map of europe" showed the following:

is russia in that? i'm so confused. clarity please.


kellymhook said...

try this link maybe it will help you. I'm in college right now and had a similar issue when preparing for a geography exam. I believe that Russia is divided into two parts. You can also search Russia Asia and tons of page on the topic come up. Best of luck!

kellymhook said...

also this link will help

Svetlana said...

Russia is seperated into two parts by the Caucasus and Ural Mountains. The territory to the East is classifiead as Asia and the territory to the West is Europe.