Thursday, September 18, 2008


so it's been one of those times in this life when i remember to thank God and since i suck and forget to praise and thank Him during sucky times, i thought i should give Him credit now.

  • -i had my first clinical day of the semester yesterday. it was stinkin AWESOME! i had an amazing nurse and my instructor taught us-go figure! Thank you God!
  • -during clinical i worked with a baby. no, really, the baby was one month old and i could still feel the gaps in its head. it was in the hospital because it was sick and i just don't think about that too often. i was so reminded of the preciousness of the life and how blessed i am to well, (even though i think i am always sick with something). Thank you Father!
  • -i found out another close friend is engaged!!! while i don't see her, but once a year, her friendship has blessed me so much through the past four years as she speaks the truth of God into my life. once again, i am blessed by friendships i could never have dreamed of! O Mighty Counselor, to you do i give praise!
  • -i've been really introspective the past weeks as i mull over what to do this summer, (i know it's only september, but it's never to soon), my role as a non-student leader, etc and i was so reminded of what a blessing it was to be an ra the last two years! now that i'm not, i do miss it at times, but i so treasure the relationships and friendships i've made. honestly, God, you are amazing! Thank you!
i know there are so many more things that i could write out, but i think y'all are already bored. next time i hit a depressive state, remind me to read this blog so i can dwell on the goodness of the Lord manifest in my life.

side note: this is from John Piper's blog and it's pretty amazing.

"The Bible tethers us to reality. We are not free to think and speak whatever might enter our minds or what might be pleasing to any given audience—except God."

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