Sunday, September 7, 2008

rice crispy treats and Jesus

today has been truly refreshing. kimber and i are in the process of looking for a new church, a process i positively loathe. today, however, was quite nice. we went to a reformed church and worshiped with people who love the Lord through faith and action. in the afternoon we went to someone's house and had a boss lunch! it was so awesome to fellowship with people in multiple generations who love the Lord and His work among the nations. i got to come back to my room, hang with my roomie, do minimal homework, and go to another church service. i went to johnny's church and was blessed, once again, by those worshipping around me and the ability to worship God! i am excited for the potential of these churches and still cannot comprehend why God blesses me, such a worm, in such amazing ways! i pray that i will learn how to give back and share how i am ultimately blessed with others.

i got back after hanging out with jennifer, jen, and kimber and made rice cripsy treats. these have got to be my most favorite sweet ever. while it is completely peripheral to worshiping God in a Christ-loving community, it was definately the cherry on top of this glorious sunday, (get the pun ;)).

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Steph.URen said...

Amen to worshipping through rice crispy treats! Bring it on!