Sunday, September 14, 2008

terrorists suck.

thanks to my sister and cnn, i was informed that there was another bombing in india. this time it was in delhi. Greater Kailash was hit. pray for our friends that live there.

article here or here.

the group owning up to it is the same group that bombed Ahmedabad right after i left and Jaipur right before i got there.

dude, terrorists. don't ya get it? people in india don't like you! they don't like "bomb blast prices," they don't their loved ones or city being blown up and they certainly don't like having to stay inside because their faith is smeared.

why doesn't the u.s. react to these bombings? why are they in the news for a second and then they move on? don't we get that india is going to be a huge international power any day now? (okay, wull...) why can't we make nice with people? please don't misunderstand. i DON'T want to get involved in another front, but i DO want to understand why "we," (whoever this we is, whether that's the u.s. or the international community), just sits by and let's it happen?

also, i was reading recently that the u.s. wants to give india nuclear power. really? is that intellegent? how about giving running water to the dalits? how about giving stable buildings to the people who live in the slums?

i know i'm heated, but sometimes the world just doesn't make sense to me! this world full of hatered and sorrow, killing and anger. man, the beatles were totally right, though totally misguided. all we really need is love, but the love of Christ spread over us through his blood. i think i need a little grace myself.

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Aaron M. Williams said...

I'm with ya all the way. The US has invested zillions into the economy in India as well as putting money towards strategic alliances with Indian politics. You would think they would look at the mass majority of India that is living in the third world and say "hey if we help the poor out maybe the country could produce even more than we though they could?" But then there you have it, the reality is in international politics is mostly about "How can I benefit from you?", not how you can benefit as a country.

In the end, the whole thing require alot of prayer.

Its frusterating