Wednesday, September 3, 2008

save me doctor!

i played a lot of mofia this summer. well, not as much as in psat summers, but it was a refreshing renewal of an old pastime with great friends. my favorite moment is when there were three people left, two citizens and one mofia. one of the citizens happened to be the doctor and as the doctor outed themselves, the mofia proceeded to say "no! i'm the doctor!" in a quite dramatic voice. while i believe i only have one friend from san maghetto who reads this blog and who will appreciate this story, i needed to write about it because i'm feeling a tad homesick. remembering the hillarity of that night can do nothing but lift my spirits.

but in other doctor news, the doctor did call and fells that i need to be on another course of antibiotic therapy. sucks for my body. four antibiotic therapies in a month? really? then i think what if i were in india? what if i had enough faith just to trust the Lord Almighty to heal me of this petty problem? i desire to trust Him in big things, why not small ones? what if ...

i hate thinking too much; it gets me into trouble.


<3 Kim <3 said...

HILARIOUS cindy. ACTOR VOIIICE. We played the other night, and we killed him off like 2 or 3 times solely based on actor voice! I miss you too and wish you were here to play. Thanksgiving is soon. <3<3<3

rachel said...

so i love mafia and i will totally play with you sometime if you want. i can even say hecka.