Friday, September 26, 2008

the unsung campaigns

one of the presidential debates for the 2008 campaign season has just wrapped up and sadly, i was unable to watch, (please believe i am eagerly awaiting its arrival on youtube). i was going to watch the post-analysis, but the age-old question of which candidate won, but it always ends up the same: dems say that the dem candidate won and republicans say that their candidate had a clear triumph. wull, duh!

i was wondering about who else was running? i knew ron paul was continuing his campaign, but was unsure about ralph nader. i was not surprised to see that he was representing the green party once again in the 2008 election. (mind you, this is at least his third consecutive bid for the presidency via the green party. what are his financial supporters thinking?) the independent party also has a candidate, (chuck baldwin is his name). my question: why were these men not represented in this debate? i recognize the importance of our essentially two party system has played to date, but two parties just ain't cuttin any more! with the democrats going way off the liberal scale on a candidate who doesn't vote against third trimester abortions and the republicans...well...i'm not quite sure where they stand today, these two parties don't seem to be cutting it. i don't suggest we all go out and vote for mr. nadar, but i do suggest, however, that we consider the other candidates on the table. what do they stand for? are we afraid to vote for them simply because "our vote won't count?" i disagree. stand up! let's show obama the true change that we want: our government to stop this political game and start working to better the economy and strategically stop any more conflicts with any other nation!

ok, that's what i want. the whole purpose of this blog is to remind you that you need to know about ALL of the candidates. (yea, i know there are more. so here's one and another). Just check it out and don't confine yourself to the box of traditionalism of the two-party system that was never intended by the founders of this country.

side note: i just turned into my father with the last sentence of this blog. man, i suck.

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