Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas joy

there are a few things i love about christmas.

well, actually just one.

it's a day to celebrate Jesus Christ. now, i know i can celebrate Him everyday, (and i hope i do, at least to some extent), but i love a day that is set apart, (holy, if you will), in which we collectively come together to remember the birth of the God-Man, the only Savior of the world.

i know, Jesus was mostly likely born in august or a summer month; he wasn't born in a stable; His birth was neither sterile nor romantic; there were no pine trees or scented candles. but this day we call christmas, is a day to celebrate and honor the expected Messiah, the Savior. it is a day to celebrate God's matchless grace and perfect love poured out onto His creation.

so with eager expectation to celebrate Him and to remember the love, justice, and grace of God, i embrace the month of december. yes, there will be moments where i am frustrated with the materialism and there will be times when i'll get heated about the lack of focus on Christ; forgive me ahead of time, please. but the reality is, i can't wait to worship and reflect with the body of Christ on our Cornerstone!

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