Sunday, November 28, 2010

christmas vomit

this is what i've decided to coin as the term for this commercialized madness called "the holiday season." so many people say how much they LOVE christmas, but what is it that they really love? the lights? the over-indulgence in the same meal you over-ate last year? the need to out-gift your sibbling? i don't get it.

so here's my list of the top 5 things 
i hate about "the holiday season":

5.) the food. i know, it's a shocker that this is something i don't like about this time of year. but i just don't. what's so great about turkey? and why must it always be served with mashed potatoes and gravy? i really don't think that's what the pilgrams ate. or joseph and mary, for that matter.

4.) christmas music.
why do stores and radio stations feel compelled to play christmas music from thanksgiving to new year's? i truly think this is why suicide rates are higher during the holidays; people go crazy with all of the horrible christmas music! yes, music that actually reflects what christmas is about, is truly wonderful, but it is rarely heard.

3.) the decorations.
i mean, why? where did this tradition start? what is the significance of hanging strands of mini-lights from your house and putting ghastly, (and often scary), snow creatures on your lawn? oh, oh! and let's cut down trees each year so that we can have temporal enjoyment. i just don't seem to be able to understand how multiple fire hazards and a high electric bill are beneficial.

2.) christmas-themed...
...well, anything that has a christmas "theme." why do i need to have scrubs with christmas trees on them? or why do i feel pressured to have my "everyday" travel mug and then my christmas travel mug? these things collect dust all year except for the 1.5 months i break 'em out. functionality has lost it's essence in our society; it is about looking good, matching, and "celebrating the season."

1.) the shopping.
it seems so strange to me that we would spend so much money trying to earn favor with others. i know, i try to earn favor in other ways (and this way, too), but one day out of the year? so much money is spent on things that are never used or never worn. and why is it that we buy such expensive things this time of the year? is february not a sufficient month to buy a tv? the act of shopping from november to december is stressful in and of itself. lines are long, parking lots are a madhouse, and the only thing i've been able to find are christmas-themed gifts. (oh yea, that's useful in real life). truly, this is my least favorite aspect of "the holiday season" because of it's ultimately rooted in materialism. this is something i battle without assistance from a full, frontal-attack during a time that i want to be celebrating Jesus the Christ.

yes, this was a rant. but isn't it true? at least some of it? i'm not trying to get all linus on y'all, but i after the past few days i needed to share this. and please believe, i don't hate everything about christmas. i will blog on things i really enjoy and cherish soon. but, until next time...


Kimberlee said...

:) that's all that needs to be said from me.

formerly known as emj said...

I agree with most of your thoughts, my lady.
- I have a point on holiday food I typically enjoy thanksgiving food but usually detest christmas food, ham no thank you. I would much rather have something more like what they ate in biblical times I love me some lentils!
-I do enjoy decorating inside my house but other than a wreath on my door I skip the crazy outside decor
-I have a fall cup instead of christmas cause the christmas ones are pointless.
-when you work in retail you usually try to do your shopping throughout the year because its scary out there p.s. i despise black friday