Sunday, November 21, 2010


I really like movies. I can quote or reference a movie fvor almost any circumstance (kinda like tony denozo from NCIS). Anyway, since i've started working full time, i havent had the energy or desire to watch movies, (i know, kinda scary).

So, for the first time in months, i spent this weekend watching movies. 4 to be exact.

Movie#1: harry potter 7.1. Um, dude. Legit.

Movie #2: while you were sleeping. Classic. Sandra and bill at their best.

Movie #3: robin hood. The one with russell crowe? People kinda hated on it, but it was good! Loved the female character! Way to stay strong, Marian!

Movie#4: a christmas carol. The new disney animated one. I have nothing to say just yet cause i havent finished it.

I admit movie watching in this extreme isnt good. this weekend alone i spent about 8 intential hrs on something not eternal.

And that needs to change.
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