Thursday, November 11, 2010

veteran's day

yep, that's today. and, as i tweeted earlier, it's my day everyday. even on days off, my dad is a vet and things seem to revolve around that more than i thought.

so i work at a veteran's hospital. i'm learning a lot about what's important to vets and their beliefs. but everyday, i end up more confused and have tons more to learn! but through my short three months working with these guys, (and occasional gal), i've wrestled with what i believe as a follower of Christ and as an american.

i am a firm believer that i am an american Christian. my loyalty to Christ alone; my home and hope are found in Him alone. so where does this leave me when i am to celebrate those who have risked their lives for what america stands for? 

i don't dislike those people or hold a grudge against them in any way. in all honesty, my heart breaks for most of the men i work with. their hope is in government, politics, the connections to the military, but that will all end. government and military are not eternal. Christ alone is eternal. 

this isn't all i wanted to say, but i'm not sure how to put the rest into words. please forgive this blog if it is incoherent or confusing. welcome to my brain.


Kimberlee said...

Thank you for putting some of my incoherent thoughts into words. You're always good at that. Maybe because both of our brains operate in a similar way regarding issues such as these. Love and miss you, my processing friend :)

Carlee said...

Give to Caesar what is his, and to God what is God's. I worship, praise, adore, serve, and put my hope in my God. I am loyal to, thankful for, and obedient to my country. After all, God has established every authority (studying the book of Daniel...I am convinced God has put leaders into place for His own purposes), and God made me an American.

The two don't have to be contradictory (not sure you were saying they are).

Don't strive to put God first...that assumes He has competition. Put God at the center of EVERYTHING you do, including our proud American status, and there is no conflict.

Love you Cindy!