Saturday, November 20, 2010

verbal communcation

i'm horrible at it.

let's be honest, most of my conversations involve clarifying questions from the reciprocating party. i've taken at least 2 communication classes, but for some reason, i cannot master the art of proper verbal communication. i rarely seem to be able to say what i'm really trying to communicate. i kinda feel like meg ryan in you've got mail when she can't find the words to tell off tom hanks. (were you thinking that too, kimber?)

so i've decided that i perfer written communication. i'd make a good expressive aphasic. i'd rather read a book than watch tv. i'd rather write a letter or email than talk on the phone. i mean, if you call me, i'll enjoy it; i just won't be able to fully communicate what i want to say. 

yea, i'm strange. i admit it.


formerly known as emj said...

haha you know what I'm the same way.. So much more verbally adept when writing rather than speaking.

Kimberlee said...

I think you need to give yourself some more credit on your communication abilities. And thank you for referring to You've Got Mail. No one else here as an appreciation for that movie like it deserves. Love you, friend.