Sunday, November 7, 2010

rainy season

i'm not used to the rain anymore. after living in riverside, aka a desert, for 5 years, i'm unaccustomed to cold weather, especially rain.

i really do love the rain, but i don't find myself being able to truly enjoy it since i've started working. 

today, i took the opportunity to enjoy it. no, i didn't sit or run around in the rain all afternoon, (although i might still do that...). rather, i got snuggled up in sweats, a hoodie, and blankets, lit some candles, and drank some vanilla ruiboos tea. to top it off, i spent some good time with my Father. i really can't think of a better day to spend a rainy sabbath. thank You, Jesus, for allowing that to happen!

1 comment:

Kimberlee said...

Jealous! I mean, we have the rain and we have quality time with Father, but by no means do we have hoodies, a blanket, the word "snuggle", or hot tea drunk without sweating.