Saturday, November 20, 2010

job update

so most of you know, but i think it's best to tie up this loose end.

on wednesday, i found out that i will be moving to tcu/tele on monday, (yep, in 2 days). the tele unit is for heart monitoring and is more acute than the typical med-surg unit because all the patients are on heart monitors. tcu is an icu step-down unit, so we get people after they've had open heart surgeries, unstable angina, etc. basically, it's WAY more acute than the kind of nursing i've been doing the past few months.

i have a lot of mixed feelings. i am freakin' excited! i mean, i was hoping to transfer here eventually anyway. the Lord is gracious and decided to put me there now. and that's the part that makes me nervous. i haven't had to interpret heart rhythms or give iv meds or give high-risk medications in almost a year. i honestly don't remember much. but i have prayed often in the past few months that the Lord wouldn't allow me to be comfortable, and He has been faithful to answer that prayer. 

so i enter the next few months with thankfulness and humility, learning once again what it is to rely on the Lord's strength.

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