Tuesday, November 2, 2010

post-october thoughts

i wrote this blog before the month of october started. now time for the post-test.

i spent 4/5 weekends of this month out of town. i was gonna call it "three weddings and a funeral," but it's too soon. instead, "three weddings and a work day" will have to remain as the title. 
  • i successfully attend three of my good friends' weddings. the first, in bakersfield. i got to use my federal employement for a sick discount at a hotel, got to catch up with some great nursing friends, and spend some much needed time with Jesus during my 8 hours in the car. 
  • the next weekend, i headed to riverside and was in one of my best friend's wedding. it was a honor to stand with this woman as she committed to serve and honor one of my dear brothers! that weekend was a bit of a fiasco between rental cars, hotel reservations, trying to hang out with other friends, and my mind in ten other places. but the Lord showed His strength and faithfulness every step of the way!
  • the next weekend i attended another wedding in riverside. that weekend got off to a bit of a stressful start, but i was able to spend a night catching up with a dear friend in fres-yes (member of the PTC) and then saying farewell to another friend who will be serving overseas for more time than i care to admit. (i'm in denial-jealously).
  • the following weekend, i took a mini-road trip with a long-time friend to sacramento. we went to serve with some friends at a work day/beautification project in del paso heights. it was a blessing and joy to do physical labor for the Lord again! hope, we are SO going next year! it was also such a blessing to play nertz until 2am and laugh a whole lot with good friends!
  • that sunday, ang and i drove back to san mateo and i was able to attend my first am service with hope church of san mateo. i really have no words to describe how amazing that service was, except that it felt right.
  •   the fifth weekend of october i spent at work. yep, that's about all on that weekend.

the month was truly an emotional rollercoaster. i cried more in this month than i have the entire year combined, (and probably the last 2 years combined if i really think about it), but i laughed and celebrated more than the year combined as well.
lessons confronted with: trust God, for He alone is faithful.  i don't know if i've wholeheartedly learned this, (and probably never will), but i am glad that the Lord hasn't given up reminding me of Him. i pray He never does.

october, you were good times, but i'm ready to move on. until next year....

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