Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the radical experiment-part 2

so basically, i've sucked at this.

1. pray for the entire world

i've sucked at praying for the nations daily.

2. read through the entire scripture
i've been reading through the Bible chronologically.
3. sacrfice your money for a specific purpose
sacrifice? can you define that please?

4. spend your time in another context
i've been making plans to go overseas in august/september.

5. commit your life to multiplying community
i go to chipotle sunday and Bible study. can i multiple those that eat chipotle? 

so this hasn't been going so well. i never realized how much intentionality it would take to stay committed to these things. but i hope that i will have a partner in this experiment (and that we can consistently get together to do these things) and that we will be able to provide accountability.

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